EE is UK’s best overall mobile network, according to the latest network performance tests from RootMetrics.

The Intouch Advance network partner tops the independent research conducted by Rootmetrics, who tested these networks across six different categories in 16 of the UK’s largest urban areas, collecting 1.1 million samples and driving nearly 24,000 miles.

EE has retained its position as the UK’s top performing network with an overall score of 89.4 across the UK, ahead of Three with 84.7, Vodafone with 74.5 and O2 on 72.7.

Out of a total of 96 awards, EE won 90 including Overall Performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Mobile Internet, Calls and Texts.

“Our growing reliance on our mobiles means network performance has a direct impact on our daily lives, and consumers deserve a comprehensive, unbiased, real-world picture of performance.

“We want consumers and network operators to look at this report and use it to inform purchasing decisions and understand the areas where improvements can be made.” said RootMetrics general manager for Europe Chris Smith.

EE was given a score of 90.3 per cent for reliability, beating Three (84.7 per cent), Vodafone (74.5 per cent) and O2 (72.7 per cent).

According to the RootMetrics performance tests, O2 was the worst performing network. It was voted third best network during the second half of 2014, but has slipped down to last according to RootMetrics.

Three came second overall, and was runner-up in the categories for speed, mobile internet performance, calls and texts, followed by Vodafone who took the bronze medal in all categories except network speed, where it came second, and call performance, where it came last.

The full report can be read here on RootMetrics website.