Hands-Free Cab & Car Kits

Intouch Advance’s CAB and in-car kit solution offers a hands-free, high-quality speakerphone with inbuilt GPS. We can supply and install these in any vehicle, anywhere in the UK; allowing your vehicles to wirelessly and safely communicate and navigate whilst on the move.

Hands-Free Cab and Car Kits Allow You To:

Download Maps And Routes

Large, Easy To Read Screen

Mobile To Mobile Module

Providing Safe, Wireless Communication on The Move

✓ Download maps and routes in real-time with no need to pre-install maps or additional memory.

✓ One-click access to emergency services.

✓ Supersize screen: easy to read 2.2” colour screen.

✓ Handset: customisable and intelligent.

✓ Navigation: one-touch GPS with turn-by-turn navigation.

✓ Keep up to date with road, weather and traffic conditions instantly.

✓ Mobile to mobile – (M2M) module included.

✓ Modules supplied by Telit, the leader in wireless communications.