Business Broadband & Data Services

Supporting Your Business Data Needs

Our data solutions give you the ability to seamlessly interconnect your business, allowing you to be more responsive to new challenges and opportunities. With our award-winning knowledge and extensive data solutions range, you can be sure we’ll find a data service that fits your business. From the copper lines of ADSL broadband to lightning-fast fibre ethernet circuits, Intouch Advance can facilitate all your data requirements – we are the No.1 choice for all things data!

Our Data Solutions

Leased Lines

Take advantage of rapid speeds for data transfer with our point to point leased line connection. Unlike broadband, the speed is guaranteed and will not vary regardless of how far your building is from your local exchange.

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Fibre Broadband

Collaborate at high-speed with regional offices, partners and remote workers using fibre broadband. We can also ensure a level of performance even at times when the network is busy.

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Ethernet First Mile

Up to date, resilient and cost-effective internet connectivity, ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster. EFM can deliver symmetrical speeds from 2Mbps to 20Mbps at low costs.

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ADSL Broadband

Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is a type of DSL broadband communications technology used for connecting to the internet. ADSL broadband remains the most cost-effective broadband option and is perfect for basic email and internet usage.

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Multi-Protocol Label Switching

MPLS provides a private, secure and dedicated wide area network (WAN) cloud, which allows any site to connect to any other site, which is ideal if you’re seeking a secure, scalable and controllable alternative to a public network.

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4G News

Read our latest news articles covering the latest updates on 4G coverage, tablets, phones, networks, mobile broadband and much more.

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