Machine-To-Machine Solutions

What Is M2M?

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication enables machines to communicate with one another and directly exchange information. M2M provides more flexibility and control to self-manage and scale your device deployments. The exchange of information between devices uses a wireless or wired network. M2M communication can also be carried over mobile networks using M2M SIMs.

What Is An M2M Sim?

Machine-to-Machine SIMs (M2M SIMs) refers to the technology that enables devices and sensors to communicate with one another, as well as with other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

All M2M communication devices need an interchangeable protocol to receive and send data. Connectivity is achieved by either inserting or embedding an M2M SIM into a device that is later configured with servers. All user data can then be collected and made available for analysis.

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