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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is just as it sounds; M2M enables machines to talk to one another. With M2M solutions you’ll have more flexibility and control to self-manage and scale your device deployments. M2M is the direct communication and exchange of information between devices using any communication channel, including wireless and wired networks. M2M communication can also be carried over mobile networks using MSM SIMs.

M2M is the direct communication and exchange of information between devices; it is a form of network connectivity that allows the relaying of data over a mobile network. This means access to vital information from remote machines in real time. M2M communications are carried over a mobile network using an MSM SIM.


Machine-to-Machine SIMs (M2M SIMs) refers to the technology that enables devices and sensors to communicate with one another, as well as with other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

All M2M communication devices need an interchangeable protocol that is used for receiving and sending data. Connectivity is achieved by either inserting or embedding an M2M SIM into a device that is later configured with servers, where all user data can then be collected and made available for analysis.

Intouch Advance can provide Machine-to-Machine SIM solutions that enable you to connect your M2M devices with ease. We will ensure you get the best connection and the best price; a tailor-made solution to ensure your business is as cost-effective as possible.

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