Case studies

“Intouch Advance is flexible, accommodating a seamless service for the customer. They listen to us and adapt their offerings to meet the changing needs of our business.”

Robin Batchford, Systems Director, Tuffnells Parcels

See what our customers have to say about us in our case studies.

  • Telecoms solutions we provide to Tuffnells Parcels, Pace & many more
  • Find out why longstanding customers stay with us and how much they save
  • Discover the customer service we provide.

What our customers say about us

If we were to choose one area that we excel in and makes us different, it would be our exceptional customer service levels.

Our strengths are clearly demonstrated in the feedback we received from our key customers. Find out from case studies below what makes Intouch Advance different and what you can expect when choosing us as your telecoms provider.

  • Customers see us as part of their team
  • We consultant and tailor a telecom solution to their business’ needs
  • We ensure ongoing cost savings via our monthly audits
  • Customers save time and benefit from our first class customer services.

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