Waiting for your broadband to be connected when you’re moving offices or moving house is a frustration that we all endure at some point in our lives.  This prevents us from undertaking day to day business tasks such as sending and receiving e-mails, downloading files, social networking, streaming videos and more.  Eventually, due to a new invention called a 4G office router, this should no longer be a problem.

A 4G or mobile broadband router provides wireless internet access to as many as 30 wifi enabled devices.   This means that you can keep your business moving without a traditional landline broadband connection.  And when the office is finished for the day, simply switch it off and take it home with you.

The beauty of the 4G office router is that it is easy to set up, completely wireless and you can share office printers and PCs through it, as you would a traditional broadband connection.  What’s more, it’s a reliable back-up to have, should your landline connection fail.

Simon Pollard, CEO at Intouch Advance said:

“Our 4G office router has proven a real hit with web designers, those undertaking regular exhibitions and public events as it gives you and your visitor’s superfast mobile broadband whilst out on location.

“Builders who are regularly moving from site to site would also benefit from this technology, as you can take it with you wherever you go.

For the likes of shopkeepers, the router is highly beneficial as you can use its Ethernet ports to connect your shop till to 4G.”

When 4G is unavailable, the 4G office router will automatically revert to 3G, so you’re always connected.   With EE cutting the cost of 4G and predicting that 98% of the population will be covered by the end of 2014, more people are making the switch and who blames them?  Superfast 4G is quicker than some landline broadband connections, and the ability to take it home with you provides the potential for significant cost savings to be had.