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Auto Mate: Fleet Management

Fleet Management Solution

Intouch Advance now offers Auto Mate by EE, an all inclusive fleet management solution. Auto Mate is a great option for companies that often lose time and money trying to keep track of multiple drivers on the road. The Auto Mate tool easily plugs into most vehicles and communicates an array of insigtful reports automatically through to the accompanying app and web portal.

Auto Mate Features Include

Tracking Support:

Know where all the vehicles in your fleet are at all times.

Monitor Performance:

Ensure your drivers are staying safe and fuel-savvy on the roads.

Expense Reporting:

You’ll get a detailed journey report and mileage submission

In-App Reminders:

Never miss a road-tax or MOT renewal.

The Smarter Way to Manage Your Vehicles

Auto Mate combines all the great features of a fleet management service into one simple, cost effective solution. It finds the best route for your vehicles, helps you manage expenses and alerts you to unusual activity or vehicle faults. Auto Mate will take the headache out of managing your fleet efficiently – find out more about the Intouch Advance Auto Mate deals in our brochure below:

A Compact Kit, Infinite Benefits

Making the most of your vehicles is top priority. One simple fleet management tool will keep you updated with client communication, weather alerts and location services. Keep your standards up and costs down.

It pays to have an Auto Mate.

What Auto Mate Can Do For YouFleet ManagerDriver
Mobile AppWeb PortalMobile AppWeb Portal
Track Vehicles In Real Time
See your whole fleet, across the UK and EU, so you can respond faster when a customer needs you.
Send Your Nearest Driver To A Job Or Delivery
Reduce fuel consumption and keep customers happy.
Group Your Fleet Into Different Categories
Be sure you’re sending the right vehicle to the right job.
Monitor Vehicles’ Health
Get an early warning of things like flat batteries, to help you reduce the chance of breakdowns.
Route Planning And Mapping
Find the best routes for your drivers to take.
Live And Historic Snail Trails
Check that drivers have stuck to their planned routes and get information on behaviour like speeding.
Odometer Readings
Monitor vehicle mileage and keep track of things like lease end periods, tyre changes and servicing.
Record Business And Private Mileage
Accurate P11D and expenses tracking helps your business claim back as much as possible.
Real-Time Traffic Speeds And Events
Spot congestion a mile off, so you can reroute vehicles and keep them moving.
Geo-Fencing Alerts
See when a vehicle leaves a customer’s address or when it leaves a specific location outside of working hours.
View OnlyYView OnlyY
Weather Alerts
Keep an eye on bad weather, which could cause journey delays.
Speed Limit Map Overlays
See how fast drivers were travelling on specific routes by comparing map overlays with driving data.
Driving Behaviour Data
Spot high-risk driving styles, like harsh acceleration, heavy braking, speeding, and high RPM.
Track Fuel Efficiency
See who among your drivers is the most fuel savvy and who might need additional training.
Find Your Vehicles
Can’t remember where you parked? Help your drivers locate their vehicle and get them back to it using Google Maps.
Full Fleet Reports
Get the full picture on things like how your vehicles are used, their carbon footprint, speeding trends, and fuel economy analysis.
Handy Reminders
Never miss all-important MOT, road tax and service dates.

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