4G & 5G Data Solutions

Supporting Your Business 4G & 5G Needs

Mobile internet communications as standard enable users of mobile phones, computers, and other portable electronic devices to browse the web, email or e-message, stream video and music content as well as uploading and downloading files.

4G Data: Reliable Speeds and Coverage
4G is the latest generation of mobile phone technology following on from the existing third and second generation mobile technology (3G & 2G). 4G Technology builds upon what 3G offers, but at a much faster speed; customers can experience improved download/upload speeds, reduced latency, and crystal-clear voice calls.

5G Data: A New Horizon Of Connectivity
5G (4G’s soon to be successor) is currently being developed and is set to completely transform the way we do business! A number of phone manufacturers have already announced plans to launch 5G mobile devices overseas, starting in 2019. The first 5G networks are expected to officially launch by 2020 and Intouch Advance will be on the forefront of suppling 5G-ready mobiles and devices, as the technology develops and rolls out across the UK.

Our 4G & 5G Data Solutions

5G: Our Future

The highly anticipated fifth generation of mobile internet technology (5G) is on its way to the UK, and with increasing media coverage on the subject you may wish to find out what this next big thing for mobile will mean for you and your business.

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4G News

Read our latest news articles covering the latest updates on 4G coverage, tablets, phones, networks, mobile broadband and more.

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4G Mi-Fi

Mi-Fi is a denotation of ‘My WiFi’; a Mi-Fi device can be connected to a mobile phone carrier and provide internet access, allowing for the tethering of up to 10 devices.

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4G Office Router

If you have or are planning to move office there is no need to worry about waiting for your internet to be connected. Connect as many as 30 devices to a 4G or mobile broadband router for wireless internet access.

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4G Tablets

All of our tablets allow you to connect to the internet via WiFi, 3G and 4G mobile internet. Our 3G and 4G options provide mobile broadband to portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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4G USB Dongles

Perfect for getting 4G on a laptop or computer; whether you’re working from home, commuting or just out and about. You can plug the dongle in anywhere that has a USB connection, so you can even create a WiFi hotspot in the car or on the train.

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