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Mobile phones are costly and hold valuable business data, so protecting your assets and securing the quick replacement is a sound investment. Not only are they used for making and receiving calls now also host crucial business functionalities including email and downloading documents. Accidents can happen, as can loss and theft which can result in significant and costly loss of corporate data, with the resulting potential for a breach of compliance regulations.

Be ready for unexpected incidents with insurance for your phone which costs from as low as £3.99 per device. Insure any make or model of phone with us from the latest iPhone and Samsung smartphones to the oldest Nokia mobile.


✓ Theft: if your mobile phone is stolen we will replace it

✓ Loss: if you lose your mobile phone we will replace it

✓ Accidental and Liquid Damage: we’ll have your mobile phone fixed and pay for any incurring costs as a result of an accident

✓ Unauthorised Calls: if you lose or have your mobile phone stolen and unauthorised calls are made you will be covered

✓ Breakdown / Extended Warranty: if your mobile phone suddenly stops working and your manufacturer’s warranty has expired, we’ll fix it or replace it for you

✓ Worldwide Cover: if you lose or have your mobile phone stolen whilst abroad you will be covered

✓ Malicious Damage: we’ll fix the phone or replace it for you

✓ Get started: For a quote please call us on 0344 568 0000

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