SIP Trunking

Supporting Your Business SIP Needs

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking is a flexible and dynamic functionality that can be extended to any number of applications. A reliable and cost-effective way of allowing your phone system to access the outside world via a broadband or data connection to Intouch Advance’s network, SIP facilitates PBX installation which enables Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and uses the same connection as the standard internet – a single trunk includes multiple voice sessions.

✓ A cost-effective alternative to traditional ISDN, eliminating the need to purchase costly BRIs, PRIs or PSTN gateways.

✓ Cheaper and more reliable IP connectivity.

✓ Free internal calls and a wealth of SIP telephone features.

✓ Perfect for organisations needing to communicate across multiple sites or intend to move or otherwise expand their office.

✓ More specific Quality of Service (QoS) measures to ensure better and calculated voice quality.

✓ More reliable than the traditional PSTN as a number of failover solutions can be implemented.

✓ Take your telephone number with you wherever you move.

✓ Receive any UK number at any site in the UK.

IP Assured Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is more simply known as internet telephony – the transmission of voice traffic over a dedicated high-speed broadband connection instead of through traditional wires. Call quality is often far better, or at least equal to that of a standard (analogue) phone. Our assured IP services are an attractive proposition for businesses who are looking for an IP telephony hosted solution, fully supported by one provider.

Our IP-assured services are a viable option for businesses who may be considering a SIP trunk solution. They are an alternative to ISDN (up to 30 channels) and guarantee availability and voice quality. Intouch Advance’s VoIP portfolio has been created by partnering with the industry’s leading providers, to create a range of services offering solutions for almost any business requirement. All of our services are customisable to provide telephony solutions across your business estate, regardless of the current technology in place.

✓ Reduced call costs and free site-to-site calls whilst granting online access to a host of advanced calling features

✓ PBX functionality mean cheaper call costs and free inter-site calls for all sites and users

✓ Any user can work at any site and retain their inbound and outbound numbers

✓ We continually monitor, report, and evaluate our services, ensuring the highest quality of service is maintained

✓ We provide a dedicated account manager in addition to billing solutions that meet your specific needs

✓ Existing hardware so you don’t always need to replace equipment to enjoy the benefits of IP telephony

✓ Reduced costs on Private Branch Exchange (PBX), lines, and calls

✓ All of the usual PBX features plus many advanced options

✓ Single phone system for all branches and employees

✓ Free calls between offices

✓ Minimal hardware investment

✓ Maximum flexibility and scalability

✓ Your end-to-end services are provided and fully managed by us

✓ Advanced monitoring and diagnostics across all service elements

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