The Samsung S10 was only released on Friday but already it is being lauded by experts and the wider technology blogger community as a frontrunner as far as top-of-the-range smartphones are concerned. Yes, Samsung have just released their new foldable model, demonstrating just how much innovation is at the forefront of their agenda, although for businesses £2K+ per handset may prove a steep bill for rolling out to a fleet of staff. Here’s why the Samsung S10 gives the likes of the Google Pixel 3 and the iPhone XS a run for their money.

Build Quality

At 157g you’ll be surprised by high much this stunning yet lightweight model packs in, in terms of battery life and performance (more on that later). A standard headphone jack has been returned for this latest iteration, meaning no costly adaptors that are required by its leading competitors, and has a USB-C port to support fast charging. The Samsung S10 also water and dust resistant and is therefore robust to endure the realities of everyday life.


The 3400 mAh is standard for the Samsung S10 and promises a whopping 24 hours of battery life. Not only that but this latest model is also wireless-charging compatible – meaning that not only can this phone be charged using wireless charging devices, it can charge other phones that are running low (great for emergencies!) For the S10e you get slightly less and with S10+ you get slightly more, as can be expected, but generally this battery is part of the reason why this phone is great value for money.


The Samsung S10 uses an 8GB Octo core Exynos 9820, a promising amount of bang for your buck. In addition, Android 9 (Pie) has been integrated into the device which will ensure that you get the level of performance you’d expect from a phone of this calibre, i.e. quick response times and the latest features required of modern-day smartphones. Not only this, the S10 is the first Samsung model to be 5G compatible which we have already outlined as being capable of earth-shattering possibilities.

Camera Display

Last but not least we couldn’t not mention the fantastic camera quality that comes part-in-parcel of the Samsung S10. This model offers a 16MP HDR 10+ camera with super wide-angle shot capability. The front (selfie) camera is also respectable at 10MP with UHD quality and can be used as a means to unlock your phone as opposed to the in-built fingerprint scanner. Other fantastic features include flaw detection, scene optimisation, digital zoom, dual aperture, slow-motion and many more!

The features we’ve described here are by no means exhaustive and it’s fair to say that there is a whole lot on offer with the Samsung S10 that is tricky to convey without seeing it in person. Find out more about the Samsung S10 on our website, and give us a call on 0344 568 0000, or email us via, to find out how you can equip yourself and your team with this brilliant offering by Samsung.