Developments in telecoms technology have meant that conferencing solutions offer businesses chance to reduce travel, participate in faster decision making and help day-to-day challenges become easier to manage. However, following a recently published report from communications technology company, Fuze, it has become ever-more apparent that Landlines are being used for a 13% of remotely accessed meetings. This is much higher than figures from other countries, suggesting the UK may be falling behind in improving their telecommunications facilities, with other countries such as Spain (1%) and Australia (3%) taking an active approach in optimising their conferencing facilities.

Harnessing the newest technology has been suggested to improve engagement, by transitioning to more advanced collaboration technologies along with video conferencing. The research showed that in meetings where video was used, attendees were more engaged, and considering only a 5th of UK meetings incorporate video, compared with a much higher 59% in Switzerland, there is an obvious opportunity for inefficiency to become an issue.

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