COVID-19 has been an area of growing concern for businesses across the UK and abroad. A rise in cases, means businesses are now navigating their options for business continuity by implementing solutions to allow employees to work from home. Executing an effective disaster recovery solution for your telecoms can be a challenge, however, our teams are equipped with the know-how to help you implement a solution that can adapt to the temporary change in the working environment.

SIMO Mobile contracts are proving highly popular, our 30-day SIMO mobile contracts can offer businesses the option to provide employees with a short-term business mobile.

Horizon is a Hosted VoIP system with the option to instantly divert both your main numbers and individual DDIs to multiple numbers. Our customer service team can action all your divert and call routing requirements. Alternatively, users can simply plug their handset into their home broadband router and answer calls as if they were in the office.

One of the key benefits of Horizon is the option for flexible mobile working. The “Collaborate” bolt on provides a full unified communications suite and incorporates a mobile phone app, a pc softphone, video conferencing and WebEx facilities, along with instant messaging and user presence status’s to keep you in touch with your colleagues. We can also offer the PC Soft Client and Mobile App on an individual basis.  The PC Soft Client and Mobile App allow you to utilise your desk phone on your chosen device. When using the PC Soft Client, headsets will be extremely useful for PC users to greatly improve the call quality and system usability. We offer a wide selection of headsets, that can be delivered next day (subject to availability).

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