Chinese telecoms giant Huawei said revenues topped $100bn in 2018, hitting 721.2bn yuan ($107bn), while net profit jumped 25% to 59.3bn yuan. Looking at the smartphone market as a whole, Huawei remains the second-largest supplier in the world, with approximately 14% of the global market share (Counterpoint Research). In retrospect, Samsung remains the largest with a 19% market share, and Apple taking the third spot with 12%. The Shenzhen-based firm said global revenue surged 19.5% in 2018, its fastest pace of growth in two years and this result was bolstered by stronger smartphone sales in China.

With the advancement of 5G technology in the US and EU, privacy and security concerns have been risen over Huawei’s network and its link to the Chinese government. Huawei continuously reiterate that they stand as an independent company and strongly denies its products pose a security risk. America, Australia and New Zealand have all blocked local firms from using Huawei to provide the technology for their 5G networks, with several EU nations voicing their concern as 5G beings rolling out.

Despite this, all Huawei devices remain available for purchase in all regions, being able to connect to 4G and 5G networks from other providers, such as EE. Intouch Advance will be able to offer the Huawei smartphones and tablets to business customers at a competitive rate that comes bundled with our award-winning customer support system.

Intouch Advance Ltd, founded in 2001, is recognised as one of the UK’s leading business telecoms providers. We supply a broad range of communications solutions to business customers including fixed landlinesmobile handsetsvoice and converged 4G data. Our proven ability to offer a reliable service, using extensive knowledge and experience, is incomparable.

Our goal is to ensure that clients get the utmost support from our customer service team when it comes to selecting the right telecoms provider. We aim to maintain a positive relationship with all of our clients, stopping at nothing to guarantee satisfaction by listening to our clients’ telecoms requirements.

Huawei have recently released their new series of smartphones in the UK. The Huawei P30, P30 Pro and P30 Lite came out for general consumers on March 26th and promise to push the envelope of smartphone photography with the Leica Triple Camera system that accommodates a 40 MP Super Sensing Camera, a 16 MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens, and an 8 MP telephoto lens. The Huawei P30 also boasts it’s new ‘SuperCharge’ technology that can charge the battery upto 70% within 30 minutes.

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