EE launched the much anticipated 5G technology by lighting up London’s iconic River Thames to crown their historic launch of the UK’s first 5G network. The Intouch Advance strategic partner marked the occasion by hosting a gig with platinum-selling UK artist, Stormzy, featuring an assortment of 5G-infused tech.

Taking advantage of the latest 5G and remote production technology, EE livestreamed the event on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to thousands of fans across the UK. To accompany the show, a 5G-powered performance was created in collaboration with Stormzy to celebrate the six cities that EE has connected with 5G. Over 200 state-of-the-art LED lights were affixed to the stage, with beams of light projected 1,000ft in front of the Tower Bridge.

Speaking about the event, Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer business, said that:

“We wanted to mark the arrival of the UK’s first 5G network with something spectacular. Tonight, we made history, not only by becoming the first network to launch 5G in the UK – but also using 5G to live stream this event to thousands of fans across the UK. Stormzy lit up the Thames and his fans’ faces with the energy, passion and charisma that he always brings to his live shows.”

Starting from today, people in the UK will be able to discover 5G for the first time with EE, who’s 5G is built on top of of their exisiting 4G network – customers within the lauch zones will be able connect to both 4G and 5G at the same time in order to get the best possible experience, even in the most crowded areas.

EE is has started by launching their 5G in the busiest parts of the UK, and expect customers to experience a massive increase in speeds of around 100-150Mbps. Some customers will even be able to break the one gigabit-per-second milestone on their 5G smartphones, compared to the fastest speed possible when EE launched 4G in 2012, which was just 50Mbps.

Businesses can order their new 5G-enabled devices through Intouch Advance, including smartphones from Samsung, OnePlus, LG, and Oppo, a mobile broadband device from HTC, and a 5G home broadband router from Huawei. In addition to the six launch cities, EE will grow their 5G network by introducing the tech across the busiest parts of Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. Further expanding in 2020 to cover ten more towns and cities: Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge, Dundee, Exeter, Ipswich, Norwich, Plymouth and York.

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Sources: EE Newsroom