The list below shows just a few examples of common problems we have encountered with our customer’s telephony systems that need to be improved, if any of these points are relevant to you then it could be time to take a look at the way in which your phone system is functioning to see how it can be improved.

Check which are relevant to you and be sure to emphasise these points when seeking advice on your best options moving forward.

Common concerns to improve on your telephone system:

  1. “Our customers are complaining they can’t get through to us because we are always engaged.”
  2. “Our customers are complaining they can’t get through to us because no one answers the phone.”
  3. “Our staffs are complaining that they can’t make outgoing calls because no lines are free to use.”
  4. “We know we are missing calls and we don’t know how to capture them and call them back at least. Functionaries know what’s happening with telephone call logs or telephone call recording.”
  5. “We need headsets so we can talk and type at the same time.”
  6. “Nobody knows how to work the phones.”
  7. “The incoming calls don’t ring at the right phones.”
  8. “People keep losing messages.”
  9. “We want our out of hour’s calls to be handled better.”
  10. “We want staff to be able to work from home with their office desk phone with them.”
  11. “We want to be able to dial someone through a mouse click in our database.”
  12. “We have some telephones which don’t work all of the time.”
  13. “We keep losing calls and cutting people off.”
  14. “We have no music or announcement for callers on hold and they keep hanging up thinking we’ve hung up on them.”

With over 18 years of experience in the telecoms industry, Intouch Advance are in a prime position to resolve the fixed landline issues that businesses may face. If you would like assistance in understanding your best options then please contact us for a quick chat on 0344 568 0000.

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