Telephone systems are an integral part of any business and that’s why it’s so important than when you purchase a new phone system that you make sure it’s installed correctly.

Business VoIP Telephone Systems has expanded in popularity in recent years and is now seen as a genuine and money-saving alternative to making phone calls on a traditional landline.  VoIP Telephone systems provide businesses with greater communications, enhanced flexibility and can even offer significantly cheaper calls than traditional landline services – including, with many services, free international calls.

Yet it appears that many businesses using an up-to-date VoIP System have been experiencing problems with the systems reliability and with reports being made by consumers of a lack of quality with the technology.

However, when this looked into it was discovered that the actual VoIP systems were not at fault and that in fact the technology itself works well and is generally carrier-grade in terms of reliability.

The key mistake that is made most often when installing an up-to-date Business VoIP phone system and which can affect both the quality and reliability of the product, is when you’re running business VoIP phones over an Internet connection which is also carrying data traffic with no quality of service.  Similarly running VoIP phones over a basic broadband service which is poor quality or with a low upload speed can also dramatically reduce the systems functionality.

Over recent years every client we have spoken with who was unhappy with their VoIP service, suffered this fundamental problem.  Our advice is to always run your VOIP phones were possible on a high quality Internet connection with at least 100 Kbps upload bandwidth available for each call in progress at the same time.

If you are running up to 3 or 4 phones and do choose to run your system on a basic broadband service which is also running your email and Internet browsing etc., we strongly recommend that you trial your VoIP service before going live and be prepared to install a separate telephone line and broadband service if needed.

The main problem you will notice if your Internet connection is a problem will be call drop out, echo, one way speech or call distortion and these symptoms will only become apparent  at busier times of the day when your Internet connection is having to work harder or slower.

Sometimes it’s only when things start going wrong that we realise we took the quality of service for granted; nobody wants customer complaints or even worse lost customers as a result of telephone problems so it’s down to us to make sure that never happens.