Ever wondered if prospective customers are really opening the emails you send them? What about the adverts you put out, are they even reaching your target audience?

This is a worry for many businesses in today’s market as people more and more are being overloaded with new information and it becomes too much for them to take in.

We really are a generation of “deletion creatures” and by that I mean that out of the 100 emails you might receive in one day, how many of them do you really read?

Yet, when it comes to SMS, it really is a different story.

SMS, stands for “short message service” and is considered today to be an indispensable resource within mobile marketing ecosystem. Not only that, SMS has an open rate of 95%. That’s greater than any other messaging service around.

And with reports into marketing engagement levels indicating that SMS is five times more likely to elicit a response than direct mail, it really is the number one way to make sure that customers are receiving the information you send out.

SMS marketing is cost effective

Most mobile providers offer unlimited texts on affordable SIM-only contracts, meaning, it’s made affordable for even the smallest budgets.

Even the marketing involved with SMS is both cheap and easy in comparison to other more exorbitant campaigns that seem to quickly eat away at marketing budgets, yet leave nothing much to show in the way of new business at the end of it.

If you haven’t considered the benefits of using SMS, then take a look at the list below and discover what it could do for the sales, marketing and communication of your business:

  1. Build your business with mobile marketing by promoting goods, services and ideas through text promotions and offer updates.
  2. The low cost, direct path and high attention rate achieved via mobile marketing sees increased revenues and a ROI for businesses simply not achievable with existing marketing methods.
  3. Notify your group or team of upcoming events in the push of button, not only does it ensure that everyone will see the messages you send out but it can’t be beaten for targeting and speed of communication.
  4. Most peoples email and direct mailboxes are flooded with junk mail and spam. Customers will only opt-in to SMS updates from companies they want to cooperate with, so you know you’re delivering the message to the right person without it getting lost or ignored. You can even personalise the messages so your customers feel really special.
  5. SMS won’t cost the earth, literally! SMS marketing has the lowest carbon footprint of all types of mass advertising with evidence suggesting it is 50 times more environmentally friendly than printed methods, email and face to face meetings. This really is a great way to make your business greener.

If boosting sales and improving communication with customers is something you want for your business but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on huge campaigns, then SMS is a small, yet powerful, marketing tool not to be overlooked.

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