Optimistic growth expectations in the UK’s telecoms market

“One of our key strengths is that we’ve re-invested wisely and been cautious with business growth. We have reduced the need for large overheads by building a team of highly motivated professionals with masses of industry knowledge. Being financially strong  as a result has put us in a great position to move the business to the next level and take advantage of the converged telecoms evolution.”

The words of Simon Pollard, CEO of leading telecoms service provider to businesses in Yorkshire and the UK, Saltaire-based, Intouch Advance, as he contemplates the year ahead in terms of increasing sales, new business acquisitions, an expanding in-house team and setting in place an ambitious, though “achievable”, five-year business roadmap. He projects the company will grow from its current tangible turnover in excess of £6 million (for the financial year to April 2016) to a 2020 turnover that breaks the £35-million barrier.

“Together with our technical subsidiary, Tech Advance, in Preston, we expect to show an overall combined turnover of approximately £6.2 million this time next year,” says Pollard. “We’re cash rich with no borrowings, no finance, no overdraft and a strong balance sheet with in excess of £6.5 million set aside for acquisitions. We’ve also a great deal of goodwill established with our customers, due primarily to the exceptional customer services we provide and the size of the clients we have chosen to strategically partner.

“Strong financials, however, are only strong if the right people are in place to create them, which is why we’ve always been selective about choosing the very best individuals to join our team. The company’s current recruitment drive is a case in point, with two new top-class people already onboard bolstering our mobile business team, another joining us from Vodafone at the start of May as Sales Director, as well as being on the lookout for up to 11 more staff this year.”

As to why Simon Pollard is so confident his company will achieve its 2020 aims, he says it’s about trust and dedication to service. It is the trust its customers have in Intouch Advance to deliver innovative products and solutions, which save them money, as well as the exceptional standards of customer service provided in the process, which surpass the norm.

“We get under our clients’ skin,” Pollard continues, “we become part of their team, their process; we make it our business to understand every facet of their organisation before we offer them a telecoms solution that we know will meet their requirements – and we’re always there when they need us.

“The customer journey is of key importance and lies at the heart of everything we do. The communications industry evolves year after year and our customers have to adapt in line with the changes to remain one step ahead of their competitors. As times change we continuously build upon the foundations of our long-established relationships and take great pride in the fact that our customers continue to support us through long-term repeat business.”

As well as being in a strong position financially, the company also has an arrangement with three leading banks that offers Intouch a £10-million facility, which Pollard has earmarked for use, in combination if needed, with the company’s own cash, set aside on the balance sheet, for acquisitions.

“We’re actively looking for companies of the right size and shape that will fit into our business and complement the services we offer; services that will keep us competitive and ahead of the curve. Telecoms is a constantly evolving sector and we know that to remain in the strong leading position we’ve created for ourselves we have to be proactive. Cloud-based services are just one direction in which we’re looking; but whatever happens, 2015 is going to be a very good year for Intouch Advance!” Pollard concludes.