Research conducted by YouGov shows that one in three of the UK population don’t care about having 4G.  The majority of people questioned said that they are happy with their current 3G connection and have no desire to switch to 4G.

These findings have been released just as EE switches on 4G in 10 more UK towns and double speed 4G in Belfast, Newcastle and Southampton today.  4G from EE now covers the homes and businesses of almost 60% of the UK population, within 95 towns and cities across the UK, just nine months after launch.  The likes of Vodafone, O2 and Three are set to launch their competing services imminently.

The YouGov survey questioned 1,456 UK residents aged 16 and over, 275 of which already owned a 4G phone.  The results were as follows:

  • 80% of those questioned said that they were aware of 4G
  • 35% of those surveyed had no desire to step up their data plans to 4G
  • 23% said they were excited about the prospect of 4G.

When questioned about the results, Simon Pollard, CEO at B2B telecoms company Intouch Advance, said:

“It’s very positive that awareness of 4G is clearly on the up.  People are gradually realising that 4G can transform their businesses, enabling them to be as productive and effective on the road as at a desktop computer.

“4G isn’t only beneficial for those that travel or commute – those needing superfast connectivity out on location, moving office or hot-desking can also benefit.  We can and have kept businesses moving – by enabling access to corporate networks and eliminating slow connections (or waiting for one to be installed).

“Our provision of 4G services means that we remain at the forefront of innovation, with the aim of providing our customers with a leading mobile experience.”

The likes of Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Pace Plc and SG Gaming have seen the immediate benefits of Intouch Advance’s 4G services.  Adam Chadwick, IT Systems Engineer at SG Gaming said:

“We are seeing much better speeds when using 4G, as one would expect. Employees who use this connectivity are happier because they can work more quickly and don’t need to spend as much time out on site fighting a slow connection.

“In my personal experience 3G used to struggle to get over 1MBPS.  The new 4G, from the exact same location, gets upwards of 20MBPS.”

So the question is, do you really care enough to upgrade from 3G (and pay as little as £1 extra a month) to receive the benefits of 4G?