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‘Roaming’ refers to the use of a mobile phone for calls and text messages while overseas, and when connecting to a mobile network in a country other than the user’s place of residence. You’re deemed to be roaming the moment your phone is detected on an overseas network.

Planning to take your mobile overseas? Roaming rules and rates can be complex, varying from one carrier to the next, so it’s best to understand them prior to travelling.


Roaming costs vary from one network provider to another; for everything you need to know about using your phone abroad, including setting up your device and understanding charges, call the Intouch Advance team today on 0344 568 0000.


✓ Check with Intouch Advance that your device is set up to work abroad and that your plan lets you use your phone abroad.

✓ With most provider plans within the EU, users can use their phones as they would at home, free of charge. Make sure your phone connects automatically to 4G when you’re in the EU and check your device is set to automatic network selection within your device settings. Please note, not all provider plans offer free EU Roaming – call Intouch Advance to confirm whether you’re likely to incur any charges.

✓ Users are charged for using their phone outside of the EU. For help understanding charges using your phone outside of the EU call our customer services team on 0344 568 000.

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