International Roaming

What Is Roaming

The term roaming refers to the use of a mobile phone for calls, texts and data whilst connected to another operator’s network whilst abroad. You’re deemed to be roaming once your phone is detected on an overseas network.

Planning to take your mobile overseas? Roaming rules and rates can be complex, varying from one carrier to the next. Our customers benefit from a team of mobile professionals, who provide detailed advice on roaming rates, additional bolt ons and how to avoid charges.

For everything you need to know about using your phone abroad, including setting up your device and understanding charges, call the Intouch Advance team today on 0344 568 0000.

Before Traveling

✓ Check with Intouch Advance that your device is set up for roaming and that your plan covers any roaming charges.

✓ Most UK networks now offer inclusive EU roaming, meaning that users can use their UK allowances in the EU at no additional cost. Ensure your phone is set up for automatic network selection and connects to a 4G network. Please note, not all tariffs include free EU roaming- call Intouch Advance prior to travel to check you are eligible.

✓ Roaming outside of the EU is not included and users will incur charges for voice, text and 4G data use. For help on using your phone abroad and to find out if roaming bolt ons are available on your plan, call our mobile support team on 0344 568 000.