Case Study: Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Intouch Advance support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) charity not only with fundraising but also by flawlessly handling their telecoms since 2005.

✓ All of our products and services are supplied to YAA at cost price.

✓ We offer a very significant reduction in their telephone costs.

✓ We supply YAA with 4G mobile phones, data sims, and dongles.

Going Further For Yorkshire Air Ambulance | Case Study

Industry: Charity / Emergency Service
Number of employees: 32
Interviewee: Bruce Burns, Vice Chair of Yorkshire Air Ambulance

The benefits of us using Intouch Advance have been enormous…
The savings to us in telephone costs since we started using them has been significant. Benchmark checks are made with other providers and suppliers from time to time and as yet Intouch has always been ahead of the game.”

If I had to choose one thing that Intouch Advance is best at I would have to say communicating with its customer base – their attention to detail and customer service is excellent.”

“I regularly recommend Intouch Advance to others…

We’ve been working together for many years now and I feel that this demonstrates that we are true advocates of the company.”

Going Further For Yorkshire Air Ambulance | Case Study

“Their attention to detail and customer service is excellent… I regularly recommend Intouch Advance to others.”

Bruce Burns, Vice Chair


Intouch Advance have been working with and supporting Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) with their mobile requirements, as well as various fundraising events since 2005.

All of our products and services are supplied to YAA at cost price: we do not make a profit from the charity and have delivered exceptional savings by conducting monthly audits.

Our relationship with YAA began with us supplying them with 17 mobile connections. This has grown to 35 and has involved switching providers to gain a reduction in cost.

The products that we supply to YAA have extended to data sims and dongles. YAA are a valued and strategic customer of ours as we are fully supportive of their charitable work across the Yorkshire region.

Intouch Advance has supported YAA through various fundraising events, sponsorships and the number of data connections now stands at over 750.

We always endeavour to hand-deliver equipment to their various sites to ensure that it reaches the end user promptly. Such a personalised service demonstrates our customer commitment.

In 2012 we conducted a review on behalf of YAA and recovered a large overcharge from the network. We are fully dedicated to saving them every penny possible and conduct quarterly reviews to achieve this.

YAA now benefit from the fast speeds of 4G, which has enabled them to load maps quicker and respond sooner, critical where every second counts.

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