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Tuffnells Parcels are one of our longstanding customers – our CEO Simon Pollard has been managing their telecommunications since 1999.

✓ We manage broadband for CCTV, call & lines, CAB and Data network

✓ Save them 12% on their 1600 mobile phone estate

✓ Find out about Tuffnells Parcels’ experience of working with us below

Industry: Transport and Logistics
Number of employees: 2,000
Interviewee: Robin Batchford, Systems Director

We have been Simon Pollard/Intouch Advance’s client since 1999…

and we use a range of their products and services, including:

• Calls and lines across the group
• Home workers broadband
• Broadband for CCTV in all of our depots
• Data network
• 1,600 employee mobile phone contracts via Vodafone
• Installation and servicing of CAB (hands-free in tractor units) kits throughout our 1,600 fleet of vehicles and continue for new vehicles.”

“Intouch Advance are best at listening to us…

…and adapting their offerings to meet the changing needs of our business. As a result I have already, on a number of occasions, recommended Intouch Advance to other businesses. I would suggest you give them a call too.”

The best advice and recommendations…

on existing and future telecoms technologies, is the first of many benefits we’ve received, since working with Intouch Advance. Other benefits include:

Competitive pricing on data/telephony rate tariffs with regular rate reviews
Proactive and timely help when inevitable things do go wrong, with access to the right people higher up in the relevant upstream organisations
Introductions to the best of breed suppliers to work on projects in conjunction with Intouch Advance
Always available when needed
Flexible by adapting to our changing business’ needs, to accommodate a seamless service for the customer (i.e. supply of the Telit units and installs/de-installs).


CEO of Intouch Advance, Simon Pollard initially managed Tuffnells’ calls, lines and broadband, which over the years has been extended to state of the art hands-free kits being installed, broadband for their depot CCTV, data networks and CAB.

We have provided Tuffnells Parcel Express with a mobile consultancy service, which is completely free of charge. We have advised on the most cost effective tariffs, bolt-ons and ways of avoiding hefty call charges to non-geographic numbers.

Connect Group acquired Tuffnells Parcel Express in November 2014 and are the news distributor formerly known as Smiths News.

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