Arris Group

Since 2003 we have been working with Arris and attentively managing their telecommunications.

✓ Managing mobile, fixed lines and broadband.

✓ They have saved 53% on their fixed lines since the start.

✓ Find out what our longstanding customer has to say about us below:

Providing Pace Better Customer Service Than BT | Case Study

Industry: IT and Technology
Number of employees: 600 UK employees, 2,200 globally
Interviewee: Graham Barker, Group Facilities Manager

“Intouch Advance has benefited Arris through consolidating our telephony via one provider.
Previously we purchased these services through BT and various other suppliers – Intouch has brought this all together to ensure that we:
• Maximise inefficiencies and reduce our expenditure.
• Have one point of contact for everything.”

“Intouch Advance provide us with the industry expertise and data to effectively manage our ever-changing telecoms needs. This includes early identification of changing call trends, the most appropriate cost solution, and highlighting abnormal costs; allowing us to investigate them and act accordingly.”

“Intouch Advance produce a monthly management report of our telecoms usage: this is very effective in helping us to understand our call profile and identify where our main expenditure is. Our employees travel globally; the report provides us with information on their individual travel and call patterns. Intouch Advance support us with advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective bolt-ons to help minimise our spend.”

“Would we recommend Intouch Advance? Absolutely!

Over the many years that we have been clients of Intouch Advance, we have taken advantage of more and more of their products and services. We now also have our handsets and devices provided through Intouch Advance.”

Providing Pace Better Customer Service Than BT | Case Study

“Since 2003 we have been working with Intouch Advance…
• Landline rental and voice connections.
• Home worker’s broadband.
• Mobile phone and mobile data devices for all of our employees.”

“Intouch Advance provide us with the industry expertise and data to effectively manage our ever changing telecoms needs.”

Graham Barker, Group Facilities Manager


Arris are a world leader in technologies, products, and services for the broadcast and broadband industries, and originally established a relationship with us in 2003 owing to their awareness of Intouch Advance locally.

It started with the provision of their fixed line estate at their Salts Mill global head office, 500 yards from our own head office in Saltaire.

This has extended to home worker broadband and mobile phone contracts for over 300 of their employees.

We ensure that we are providing a superior service for Arris by conducting monthly audits. These are important to the business as they highlight cost savings and appropriate tariff changes.

For their international travellers, we keep a close eye on their call and roaming activities so that their expenditure is kept to a minimum.