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Storm provides a wide range of services from simple products such as inbound number management and cloud PBX facilities, through to highly bespoke contact centre environments. Storm can handle almost any kind of multi-channel communication across different media including chat, email, SMS, web, social media and voice and can integrate with a vast range of hardware and software modules.

Enhance customer service by taking advantage of the market-leading capabilities for multi-channel queuing and shielding contact centres from peaks in demand and automate enquiries intelligently. You can manage all aspects of the service yourself through secure, intuitive web portals, giving you unprecedented agility and control. Integrate storm with your existing communications and data systems including PBXs, automated call distribution (ACD) systems, CRM and WFM, to deliver communications-enabled business processes (CEBP) which help you increase efficiency and personalise customer service.

Integrate storm with your existing communications and data systems…

• Scales from 50 users up to 2,500 users across any vertical sector
• Scale and flex on-demand, able to handle millions of daily transactions
• Uses integration to overlay existing systems and create
• IT synergy – no need to rip and replace
• Intuitive, real-time interfaces deliver rapid time-to service
• Real-time and historical reporting:
• Flexible integration and ‘OpEx’ pay-per-use model
• A shared cloud infrastructure provides greater security and resilience
• Pay only for the features which you require from choice of 1000s service configurations

✓ Leverage existing technologies: overlay and add value to your existing infrastructure, and / or replace key hardware and connectivity components in your communications estate.

✓ Consultancy and training: our experts will advise, help you to plan and execute your migration to the cloud

✓ Online portal self-management: Configure and monitor your services in real-time through a secure, intuitive portal accessible from any location

✓ 24/7 support and 99.999% availability: Resilience across multiple sites, network connections and hardware components ensure that your services are protected, with configurable disaster recovery built-in

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