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“Work is what we do, not where we are…”
We can support you in enabling effective off-site and on-the-go working that will transform the productivity of your business.

Open up a wealth of opportunities for a more skilled and flexible workforce

Give your employees the ability to work from home and providing access to in house applications through a device such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Intouch Advance can assist you through:

✓ Finding out what your remote working requirements: are and proposing a solution that is bespoke to your needs

✓ Implementing the relevant services: on your line to enable remote working

✓ Supplying: you with the hardware you require

✓ Supporting: you with the provision of manuals and training

✓ Providing ongoing support: once we have implemented the right solution for you – you will have access to our 24/7 fault line, should you have any connection issues or just need a helping hand

Remote working is a great way of helping you and your business:

✓ Increase the productivity: of your workforce via our e-mail enabled smartphones and home-working capabilities, helping your staff to find extra hours in the day

✓ Encourage a skilled and flexible workforce: through knowledge sharing and the increased ability to make informed decisions

✓ Reduce costs: such as your utility bills and maintenance costs

✓ Retain and attract: employees

✓ Reduce the spread of illness

✓ Reduce your carbon footprint: and energy usage

✓ Reduce turnover and absenteeism

✓ Improve your ability: to handle business across multiple time zones

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