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We advise on the most efficient and effective way of connecting your sites, and partner with a number of world-class suppliers.

Teaming up with manufacturers, such as Mitel and Cisco, offer a wide range of linking options. If your offices are dispersed throughout the country, if planning an expansion, or if you just want to link two or more sites, we can help you do this in the most cost-effective way to suit your needs.

The key advantages of linking multiple sites are:

• Cost reductions resultant from free inter-site calls
• Incorporation of new technology, such as online conferencing
• Remote working capabilities
• Staff productivity gains

We can help your business by providing:

✓ A free consultation and site survey: we will come out to see you to understand your exact requirements so that we can build a bespoke solution for you

✓ Call logging facility: once we have implemented the right solution for you, you will have access to our 24/7 fault line, should you have any connection issues or just need a helping hand

✓ Itemised billing: you will have access to our online billing area which will give you up to date detailed information about calls made and the costs associated. This is updated daily so you will always have the latest call data at your fingertips

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