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With our office move service, we will ensure the migration of your telecoms system to new premises is carried out smoothly, regardless of how complex it may be.

At least three months before the planned move date it is advisable to consider your options regarding internet connectivity and telephone lines.

Intouch Advance can assist you in the move of all of your internet and telephone systems. Where possible, we will also transfer existing telephone number(s) to your new premises. We work closely with you to ensure that your new office telecoms setup meets business’ requirements.

We provide a free on-site survey to ascertain what cabling work is required, costs, and the length of time required to undertake the work.

Intouch Advance will:

✓ Plan: Create an internet and telephone system move plan.

✓ Organise: Take your telephone number with you when you move.

✓ Implement: Provide feedback on current telephone systems and lines.

✓ Advise: Guidance offered on the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable internet service available.

✓ Access control system: Implemented to notify when your staff are entering and leaving work.

✓ Cost analysis: How you can improve your systems and save money when you move.

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