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We can assist you in designing data centre solutions that will meet your current and future needs and can work with you to ensure that it is continuing to deliver and support your business needs

Intouch Advance can provide your business with:

✓ A reliable infrastructure: for IT operations to minimise any chance of disruption

✓ The ability to create shared resource pools: and dynamically allocate them

✓ Significant cost: and performance benefits (because of the above)

✓ Robust authentication: across all application elements

✓ A secure environment: which minimises the chance of a security breach

✓ Emergency: back-up power generation

We can enable you to take advantage of the performance and energy efficiency increases of newer IT equipment and capabilities, such as cloud computing. This process is also known as data centre transformation. A data centre or computer centre is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes:

• Redundant or back-up power supplies
• Redundant data communications connections
• Environmental controls and security devices

Data centre transformation can provide you with a number of advantages:

1. Standardisation/consolidation, helping you to reduce:

• The number of data centres that you have
• Hardware
• Software platforms
• Tools and processes

Intouch Advance can assist you in replacing your ageing data centre equipment with newer ones that provide increased capacity and performance. We can standardise your computing, networking and management platforms so they are easier to manage

2. Virtualisation, helping you to:

• Replace or consolidate data centre equipment, such as the number of servers you use
• Lower capital and operational expenses
• Reduce energy consumption
• Create virtual desktops

3. Automation of tasks for improved efficiencies, such as:

• Provisioning
• Configuration
• Patching
• Release Management
• Compliance

4. Security, covering:

• Physical Security
• Network Security
• Data Security
• User Security

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