Contact centre solutions

“Intouch Advance has been challenged by me on more than one occasion, and has never failed to deliver outstanding results with the highest level of customer service.”

Gilbert Tuplin, Head of Supply Chain at FastTrack Company

Our contact centre solutions will help you deliver the best in customer service.

  • Reduce your overheads
  • Provide call statistics and performance information
  • Advise on effective plans and strategies.

Contact centres have a variety of roles that combine…

…to provide an all encompassing solution to client, and customer contact through a variety of mediums such as:

  • telephone
  • fax
  • letter
  • e-mail
  • online live chat.

The majority of large companies use contact centres as a means of managing their customer interaction.

Contact centres allow you to reduce your overheads…

…in comparison to creating an in-house department to manage your customer interaction.

Through Intouch Advance’s expert reporting mechanisms…

…we can provide you with the call statistics and performance information that you need in order to tailor your services to meet your customer’s ongoing needs.

We will also advise, where necessary…

…on effective plans and strategies to implement so that you get the best out of your contact centre.

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