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More and more organisations are opting for virtualised services running in the cloud because of the ability for staff to communicate and work more efficiently wherever they are, and through whichever device they prefer

Intouch Advance can implement your cloud communications as a platform for Voice, Data and Video

Cloud is an Internet-based voice and data communication where telecommunications applications, switching and storage are hosted by a third-party and accessed via the Internet. You’ll only pay for services or applications you use you’ll have a cost-effective, reliable and secure communications environment.

Most hosted services have been built around voice and are usually referred to as hosted VoIP.

Our cloud communications environment serves as a platform upon which all these modes can seamlessly work, as well as integrate.

✓ Substantial savings: over traditional telephony

✓ Call routing: and handling can be configured in seconds

✓ Disaster recovery strategy: implemented at the touch of a button

✓ Home workers: enjoy the same call benefits as office workers

✓ Access: the cloud from any device they choose

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