SMS text messaging

“86% of businesses aren’t aware of the high consumer response rates of SMS, which can reach up to 28%. Similarly, 75% of respondents didn’t know that 97.5% of all text messages are usually read within five seconds.”

Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 2013

Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging can offer your business a number of advantages and is:

  • Cheaper than direct mail and more read than email
  • More personal than broadcast media and more acceptable than telemarketing
  • More measurable than print media.

Intouch Advance’s Short Message Service (SMS)…

…is a text messaging service which allows the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices.

SMS as a marketing tool…

…SMS text messaging enables you to run direct and cost effective mobile marketing campaigns:

  • Sales promotions
  • Brand building
  • Customer loyalty and retention campaigns
  • Direct response tool for TV, radio or print advertising.


SMS as a communications tool…

…that delivers high response rate, is cheap and a widely accepted. More businesses are using SMS software to communicate with their customers and staff to help them achieve their business objectives.

  • Generate new sales: the high response rates and brand recall generated from an SMS campaign means the return on investment (ROI) of SMS campaigns is significantly higher than other forms of marketing. If customers forward your promotion on to their friends, the campaign can go viral
  • Improve customer service: seek feedback and send reminders of key dates and events
  • Increase staff effectiveness: SMS messages let you quickly broadcast important staffing communications and get instantaneous replies, to improve workforce productivity
  • Communicate in a crisis: send messages to your delivery staff, field-based employees, mobile sales-force and engineers, telling them where to go for their next job, without relying on complex and expensive telecommunications systems
  • Reduce operating costs: many paper-based or telephone communications can be replaced by SMS messages at a fraction of the cost e.g. payslips, interview confirmations, sickness and absence notifications and sales reporting
  • Create personalised and targeted messages: giving instantaneous one-to-one communication with your customers and staff.

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