Non-Geographic Numbers

Your customers dial through to a nationally recognised number and these calls are routed to any mobile or landline number you choose.

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Cost reductions.

Non-geographic numbers (NGNs) are…

…telephone numbers which, rather than being assigned to a particular telephone line or circuit, provide callers with a contact number which gives no indication as to the geographical location of the line being called.
The owner of the number can retarget the NGN to any other telephone line including:

  • Geographic
  • Mobile
  • International
  • Other NGNs.


Transfer your number and take it with you…

…we can transfer your current business numbers for you quickly, at little cost and provide a quality service in doing so. Take your chosen number/s with you wherever you are located.

  • Enabling effective communication: Your organisation can advertise a single national phone number, rather than having different numbers for different regions or times of day.
  • Gain a national image: amongst your customers, with our non-geographic numbers.
  • Ensures business continuity: in the event of a premises move or a line fault at site.

Features include:

  • Call plan features: such as call routing by time of day/day of week, caller announcements, call recording, voicemail and network based call queuing
  • Redirect your calls online: at anytime
  • Port your existing number: onto the service.
  • Managing large volumes of incoming calls: with our features, so your callers are less likely to encounter a busy signal and have to re-dial.

Our NGN solutions include:

  • The provision of number ranges
  • Designing, routing and call management solutions, including call queuing
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call recording applications
  • Online portal access enabling you to manage your numbers 24/7.
  • 0800 numbers: freephone numbers allowing your customers to call you at no cost to them
  • 0808 numbers: freephone numbers allowing your customers to call you at no cost to them.
0844 numbers: giving you a national company presence, popular for customer service and support contact numbers
  • 0845 numbers: enable your customers to call at a low rate, anytime and from anywhere in the UK
  • 0871 numbers: popular as customer service and support contact numbers, enabling you to earn revenue from calls.

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