Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Ideal if you’re seeking a secure, resilient, scalable and controllable alternative to an Internet-based public network.

  • Fast data bandwidth
  • Connect between three or more sites
  • Cost effective solution.

MPLS is a very resilient high speed network protocol…

…providing a private, secure and dedicated wide area network (WAN) cloud, which allows any site to connect to any other site.
MPLS gives you and your business all the flexibility you need to do business efficiently and effectively.

If you are looking to run time sensitive functions…

…or applications such as voice and real time video, or want to avoid the disruption caused by your network timing out (during regular data back-ups for example), MPLS is what you need.

MPLS provides the network resilience…

…and the quality of service you need and enable maximum service up time.

  • Very fast data bandwidth provision: and supports time critical applications such as voice and video
  • Connectivity: between three or more sites
  • A low cost replacement: for legacy ATM or Frame Relay networks
  • A scalable, cost effective solution
  • Reliability: provided at high level.

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