Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

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Supporting broadband internet connections with speeds of up to 16Mbps.

  • Faster internet browsing
  • Lower call costs
  • Improved performance.

FTTP describes a deployment…

..where a fibre cable runs from a BT exchange all the way to the end-user premise. It terminates at a box (the CSP) which is fitted to the external wall.

From here it is connected to a modem fitted internally, which then connects your business to your Internet Service Provider’s Fibre Broadband service.

  • File download and upload in seconds: for quicker back-up or sharing with others
  • Faster Internet browsing: including streaming of high-definition video e.g. iPlayer
  • Improve the performance: of Virtual Private Networks with additional bandwidth, making uploading and downloading of files more efficient and making working from home easier and more secure
  • Lower call costs: by taking advantage of VoIP delivered over Fibre
  • Improved business services: such as video-conferencing or the use of hosted applications.

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