Call logging and reporting

With our call logging and reporting system you can easily monitor the levels of communication received from your clients.

  • Receive reports daily, weekly or monthly
  • Reduce wasted money and lost clients
  • Adapt operations according to insights gained.

Reducing wasted money and lost clients… 

…Our call reporting systems work with your existing or new telephone system to report on all of the telephone traffic passing in and out of your business.

Reports can be created automatically and emailed to you daily…

…weekly or monthly for review. If you have multiple sites then you can log the call data from all of them into one central location.


Gained insight into business operation…

…and understanding of what is happening in your business will enable you to adapt accordingly and continue to monitor the results.

  • Calls statistics: number of calls a day you receive and what average answer times are
  • Unanswered calls: how many minutes a day your callers can’t get through and number of callers hanging up before being answered
  • Monitor response time: for answering incoming calls to your main business telephone number
  • Track peak times: for incoming and outgoing calls to your business
  • Our system logs: your callers numbers you can call them back
  • Performance statistics: on activity level to help motivate your customer services and sales team.

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