4G office router

J-WASP 4G video case study:

See how 4G has helped their Managing Director, James Walker transform his business.

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Connect as many as 30 Wi-Fi enabled devices to a 4G or mobile broadband router for wireless internet access.  

  • Perfect solution if moving office
  • Create a mobile office
  • Quick set up and wireless.

Our 4G router is a perfect solution if…

…you have or are planning to move office – no need to worry about waiting for your internet to be connected. Simply switch it off and take it home with you when the office is finished for the day.

  • Connect as many as 30 devices: to the 4G router at one time
  • Quick set up: completed in seconds
  • No wires involved: simply connect and share mobile broadband Wi-Fi with your office
  • Create a mobile office: by sharing your office printers and PCs
  • A reliable back-up solution: in case your landline broadband connection fails
  • Ideal for users: unable to get conventional adsl or cable broadband.


Planning an exhibition or public event?… 

…Our 4G router can provide you and your visitors with reliable mobile broadband Wi-Fi.

Are you a builder who is regularly moving from site to site?… 

…Take the 4G router with you and access mobile Wi-Fi wherever you’re based.

Are you a smart shopkeeper?…

…You can use the mobile broadband router’s ethernet ports to connect your shop till to 4G – either as a substitute for fixed broadband or as a back-up.

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