4G Mi-Fi

Renault 4G video case study:

Find out how Renault benefit from the connectivity offered by 4G Mi-Fi services.

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Transform the way you work and play with superfast broadband on the go.

  • Connect with up to 10 Mi-Fi devices
  • Connect your laptop, tablet, e-reader or phone in seconds
  • Quick download of large files.

Get superfast 4G on any Wi-Fi enabled gadget, even if it’s not 4G ready…

…with one of our mobile Wi-Fi devices you can.

Mi-Fi stands for ‘My Wi-Fi’…

…A Mi-Fi device can be connected to your mobile phone carrier and provide internet access allowing you to tether up to 10 devices.

The Mi-Fi works at a distance up to 10m (30 ft)…

…and will provide internet or network access to any Wi-Fi enabled peripheral device. It provides extremely fast internet connectivity on the go.

Moving office or hot desking?…

….Don’t wait around to be connected – Mi-Fi will give you the superfast internet speeds that you need to keep your business moving.

Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices…

…in an instant with our 4G mobile Mi-Fi. Take advantage of time in which to work, read, watch, listen, network and play games on your devices, whilst on the move:

  • Connect: your laptop, tablet, e-reader or phone in seconds
  • Be productive: and effective on the go
  • Take it with you: wherever you go
  • Download: huge files at superfast speeds
  • Watch: live TV and stream HD clips.

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