Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management video case study:Crossbridge

Enjoying the freedom to work anywhere, Crossbridge consultants are reassured that their devices and data are always protected.

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The Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables you to control and manage remotely all your business devices, so your business can stay flexible and efficient.

  • Manage employees’ devices remotely and safely
  • Reduce risk and cost to business if device is lost or stolen
  • Manage applications, documents and content, secure mobile browsing

MDM allows the simplification and automation…

…of a number of activities involved with smart devices safely, reducing risk and cost to the business should a device get lost or stolen.

Remotely manage and configure your employees’ devices wherever they are…

…and securely control access, applications and content as well as set policies to protect information and access without wasting time on admin.


Our MDM solutions are compatible with all major operating systems…

…and work with all smartphones and tablets – giving you one platform to manage and secure all your devices.
We can identify which Mobile Device Management product matches your business requirements. To find out more about some of the leading MDM solutions available on the market please click below:

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