Hosted IP telephone systems

“In all my years in telecoms I have met nobody who looks after their clients better than Intouch Advance.”

Steve Harrington, tIPicall – SIP and Hosted telecom carrier

We can supply you with a full end-to-end IP telephony-based solution to suit your business needs, while helping you take advantage of all the benefits IP-based voice provides.

Our IP Telephony (VoIP) system is SIP-based…

…providing a future-proof managed, scalable telephony service, easily tailored to your changing business needs and that does not tie your businesses into any one supplier.

Everything is managed in the cloud…

…(web-based), providing you with 24 hour access to your system and ideally suited to dynamic and growing organization.

Our hosted IP telephone service is a carrier-grade distributed IP Telephony…

… (VoIP) system, so if any component fails a back-up takes over immediately without service impact.


In the event of a site outage, incoming calls can be quickly re-routed…

…to any PSTN or mobile number via a few clicks on a web page, and staff can work from home until alternative arrangements are available.

  • Flexibility and cost savings: which aren’t possible from traditional voice solutions
  • Dedicated access solutions: to route calls from your chosen IP-enabled system
  • Market-leading VOIP telephony: from a Tier 1 Carrier.

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