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Wandera is the pioneering gateway we use for mobile that offers customers a solution for mobile security and data management; protect and secure your data and manage and analyse your usage! Mobile is indisputably the new frontier for cyber threats, so businesses need to do more than simply detect when an attack has occurred. As adoption of corporate mobility continues to grow, so too does the number of attacks. Keeping corporate devices secure has never been more important.

While businesses equip their staff with the latest handsets, they become increasingly exposed to new threats, vulnerabilities and data leaks. For effective risk management and protection against threats, it is imperative that businesses have meaningful visibility in how devices are being used – Wandera provides visibility and protection against mobile security risks.


Prevent exposures before they happen

Detect Vulnerabilities

Identify Data Leaks

Stop Rogue File-Sharing

Block Risky Content


Mobile devices give employees a world of freedom to access any site, anywhere, at any time. However, this may also mean result in access to the wrong sites, in the wrong place, and at the wrong time. Wandera Data Management allows you to make the rules about which behaviours and sites are considered acceptable and gives you the power to enforce them; ultimately helping you analyse, manage, take control, and reduce your mobile costs.


Ensure devices are being used in the right way

Universal Control

Define Personal Use

Fully Customisable

Legally Compliant

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