Wandera + MobileIron

Better Together

Wandera has been designed to work in tandem with MobileIron, integrating the strengths of multi-level visibility with a sophisticated array of tools to control and adjust devices to ultimately ensure your mobile fleet is protected and can be managed effectively.

With the combined power of both technologies, new insights on the security and status of every device can be surfaced at the device at either application or data level. These insights can then be responded to using the functionality of either platform.

Customers of MobileIron can effortlessly deploy Wandera across any number of enterprise mobile devices directly from the MobileIron console. For fleets made up of iOS supervised devices, this deployment requires no action whatsoever by the user. For other devices, a one-touch solution is available. Just like that, Wandera is seamlessly deployed and available to the entire mobile fleet.

Once deployed, Wandera and MobileIron work together effortlessly to maintain enterprise mobile security and data usage management.

This integration is available on MobileIron Core and Connected Core services.

Manage Your Risk

Prevent exposures before they happen

Detect Vulnerabilities

Hacker is attempting a man-in-the-middle attack

Identify Data Leaks

Quarantine compromised devices, block network access or selectively wipe corporate data

Stop Rogue File-Sharing

Rogue profile configuration

Block Risky Content

Alerts admins and end users. Blocks relevant traffic across both app and browser