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Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is a type of DSL broadband communications technology used for connecting to the internet. Every business needs to be connected to the internet, whether to connect with your suppliers or to communicate with your customers. ADSL broadband remains the most cost-effective broadband option and is perfect for basic email and internet usage.


ADSL allows more data to be sent over existing copper telephone lines (POTS) when compared to traditional modem lines. A special filter, called a microfilter, is installed on a subscriber’s telephone line to allow both ADSL and regular voice (telephone) services to be used at the same time – a special ADSL modem is also required.

Intouch Advance provide high-quality, reliable ADSL broadband services; speed of ADSL broadband can vary according to your location, but you can expect an average speed of up to 16Mbps.


If your telephone exchange and line have been upgraded to BT’s new 21st-Century Network system (21CN) then you may achieve ADSL2+ speeds of up to 24Mbps maximum download.


An activated phone line for ADSL

A filter to separate signals

An ADSL modem

A subscription with an ISP

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