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We have been looking after UPM Kymmene telecoms since 2001, following word of mouth recommendations.

✓ We manage their mobile and fixed lines

✓ We implemented a complex Pico cell solution to bolster network coverage

✓ Scroll down to find out what UPM Kymmene have to say about us

Industry: Manufacturing and Construction
Number of employees: 1250+ UK, 20,000+ worldwide
Interviewee: David Clarkson, Senior Buyer: Global Sourcing

Across the five sites of our business we utilise Intouch Advance’s expertise in:

• Calls and lines in all our UK offices
• UK mobile phone contracts
• Home-worker broadband solutions

“Intouch Advance have benefited UPM right across the spectrum…
…On the commercial side, Intouch Advance’s pricing is extremely competitive compared to the main providers. They have reduced our annual bill significantly.”

“The customer service received by Intouch also far outshines…
…that of the service levels we have experienced by the larger and more well-known telecommunications companies. Also their three ring policy is a goal that is invariably met by their customer service team and is valued within UPM.”

“Intouch have demonstrated that they are a very flexible company…
…who are willing to and do go the extra mile to help us – they have supported us in successfully and effectively resolving technical issues that they aren’t directly responsible for.”

“Intouch Advance have always delivered on their promises…

…when they say they will do something, they don’t fail to deliver. This is incredibly refreshing in such a fast-paced and complex industry.”

“There is great intelligence behind what Intouch Advance do…
…the entire client support process, from logging a call, through to the status updates we receive are co-ordinated impeccably. The monthly reporting function provided by Intouch Advance is very good – it helps us to:
• Identify any overspend
• Address any unusual activities
• Check that our staff members are on the correct mobile phone contracts”

“I have already recommended Intouch Advance, both verbally and in writing…
The commitment, continuity and overall professionalism shown by Intouch Advance is the best I have seen in the industry.”


Intouch Advance achieved an increase from 117 mobile connections with UPM Raflatac in 2001 to 460 in 2013 for the entire UPM Group. This has been down to the strong recommendation from UPM Raflatac’s management team, based on our outstanding customer service levels and success in our competitive tender submission to the UPM Kymmene Group early in 2012.

Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with UPM, starting with mobile phone contract provision for UPM Raflatac and expanding to include fixed line and mobile provision across six UK sites for the larger Group.

Our relationship has flourished in recent years because of the incomparable service levels provided. Feedback received is that Intouch Advance offer a far superior service in comparison to the larger carriers, with whom UPM originally purchased directly from.

Intouch Advance has demonstrated highest regard to customer service and satisfaction through negtotiating a new contract with UPM Kymmene’s new mobile provider and successfully implemented a complex Pico cell solution to bolster network coverage across their two largest sites, namely, Caledonian and Shotton Paper Mills. Intouch Advance organise:

• Quarterly audits, advising on potential cost savings
• Provide UPM with the convenience of receiving everything in one place
• Provide an environmentally friendly paperless solution.

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