Supporting Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Since 2005, we have been supporting the Yorkshire Air Ambulance:

✓ We are official members of the YAA’s Business Supporters Network.

✓ We support YAA through numerous fundraising events and sponsorship.

✓ We have reduced YAA’s mobile costs by 80% and provided them with superfast 4G technology.

Set up in 2000, Yorkshire Air Ambulance is a dedicated air response emergency service serving a population of approximately 5 million people across 4 million acres. They were the first Air Ambulance to own and operate a Dedicated Air Desk in the UK. The two air ambulances operate from The Nostell Priory Estate near Wakefield and The RAF Topcliffe near Thirsk. YAA provide high quality emergency medical care throughout Yorkshire, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The medical services provided by the rapid Yorkshire Air Ambulance crews have a major impact on a patient’s chance of survival and ultimately their quality of life. To keep both of Yorkshire’s air ambulances in the air they need to raise £12,000 per day, which totals to £4.4 million per year.

Intouch Advance are official members of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s Business Supporters Network and we are named on their Roll of Honour. We support YAA through various fundraising events, sponsorship and by providing them with our products and services at cost price. Intouch Advance have been working with and supporting YAA by looking after their mobile requirements, supplying 4G business mobile, data SIMs and USB dongles.

Thanks to the market leading and renowned superfast 4G technology that we supply YAA, they can gain access to data when above ground much quicker, enabling them to relay information back to the Air Desk immediately. We do not make a profit from the charity on the products and services we supply to YAA. Our dedicated team help to keep a tight rein on YAA’s telecoms spend via monthly audits.


Find out how the Yorkshire Air Ambulance work to save lives across the region

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