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We are proud to support One in a Million, a local charity that help Bradford children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by:

✓ Providing educational qualifications & social skills for life

✓ Breaking down barriers & building community cohesion

✓ Showing that everyone has value, something to offer and is ‘One in a Million’

One in a Million use sports, arts and enterprise as a means to engage and enthuse Bradford children and young people struggling to overcome issues of crime, poverty, exclusion, drugs, solvent abuse and obesity. Through various community-based projects in eight centres across the city One in a Million provide weekly “grass-roots” football and indoor athletics, “Kidz” Clubs, Dance and Educational and Creative Arts programmes.

One in a Million work with up to 750 children and young people every week and aim to:

some of Bradford’s most vulnerable children in gaining educational qualifications and social skills for life

Bring Together:
young people from different ethnic backgrounds, break down barriers, racial tensions and build community cohesion

Help Each Child:
and young person involved understand that each and every one of them has value, they have something to offer and they are all ‘One in a Million’

We work closely with One in a Million and actively encourage employee fundraising activities in support of this very worthy charity. To date Intouch Advance have raised over £8,000.

“May I thank you most sincerely for your support of our charity, however may I thank for much more than that, and that is your heart and commitment to help make a difference to the young people of our City and District. We are only called One In A Million to let them know they are exactly that and to them you are One In A Million.”

Wayne Jacobs, Co-founder, One In A Million

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