4G USB Dongles

Experience the Benefits of 4G Wherever You Are

Known as a USB network adapter, an internet stick, or a dongle, Intouch Advance can provide you with this small device that plugs into your laptop or computer, enabling fast and reliable mobile WiFi. You can plug the dongle in anywhere with a USB connection. You can even create a WiFi hotspot in the car or on the train. Perfect for getting 4G data on a laptop or computer, whether you’re working from home, commuting or just out and about.

Benefits of A 4G Dongle:

Take it wherever you go:
Benefit from 4G fast internet access on the go.

Stay connected:
Great for sending emails and checking calendars for work.

Staying charged:
Your dongle won’t lose power as long as it stays connected to your device.

Quick downloads:
Fast access to large files and fast media streaming.

4G Video Case Study: jackson Civil Engineering

Find out how 4G technology has helped Jackson Civil Engineering.

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